Vast majority of public are opposed to household charge

Vast majority of public are opposed to household charge

Karl Deeter of Irish Mortgage Brokers

The vast majority of people who voted in’s online poll about the forthcoming household charge say they do not agree with it.

Of the 437 people who took part in the vote, 69% (303) said they did not agree with the implementation of the new charge, which will see households have to pay a €100 fee to the government from January.

However, despite almost 7 in 10 saying they do not agree with the new charge – which a number of opposition TDs are boycotting – just 54% (237) said they wouldn’t be paying it, with 46% (200) saying they would.

That’s significantly higher than the 31% (134) of people, who said they agreed with the charge in our survey.

The vote, which was conducted as part of Karl Deeter’s blog on Friday, attracted great debate.

Karl, of the Irish Mortgage Brokers, said that while there were some flaws in the household charge’s make-up, he was by and large in favour of it and would be paying it.

He received some support from readers of the blog but others branded it “extremely unfair” and said that they would not be paying for it.

Bernie Hourihane said: “I agree with the property charge but not the blanket charge across the board,” asking what people would get from it.

Eugene Reilly was much more vocal in his opposition to the charge though, insisting he would go to jail rather than pay it.

Read all the comments on Karl’s blog and join in the conversation.

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  1. Peter at 1:01 pm

    Have you ever seen any new charge one who needs to pay it wouldn’t be against?

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