Gardening tips for December

Gardening tips for December

Gardening can be difficult this time of the year but therer are small things you can do to keep yours looking great

Not surprising that at this time of year it is generally quiet in the garden, the winter weather is becoming prevalent, making general conditions difficult and the opportunities few for doing any work in the garden.

However if conditions allow, some important garden chores are necessary.

  • Lawns can look a little off, a light clip on top and along edges will make a big difference (only mow lawn if ground is firm and during a dry spell).
  • Now is an ideal time to plant new bare root hedge or trees (but avoid any planting when the ground is very wet)
  • Winter storms and winds are very strong and can easily damage young trees, so check all tree ties and stakes to ensure trees are secured and firm in the ground
  • Prune any overhanging branches from trees or shrubs
  • For additional splash of winter colour plant (in groups) cyclamens, winter pansies
  • Spruce up the planted borders with a fresh topdressing of bark mulch
  • Remember to leave out some feed (seed, nuts or fat balls) for the birds.

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