Looking outside for Christmas gift ideas

Looking outside for Christmas gift ideas

Gardening gifts make a great Christmas present

Everybody likes a nice garden but many are unclear about what and when to do the work, whilst others may dread doing the work involved in order to keep the garden neat, tidy and beautiful. However tackling the common gardening tasks is so much easier with the right tools and equipment.

This Christmas why not consider an alternative ‘stocking filler’ to other traditional gifts like books, music CD or DVD which invariably end up being tucked away in the back of a cupboard never to seen or rarely enjoyed? Instead why not consider an alternative and much more useful practical gift?

Six essential gardening tools

  1. Garden Fork – ideal for digging heavy soils, breaking down rough soil and preparing soil for cultivation (growing fruit and/or vegetables)
  2. Garden Hoe – a very useful gardening tool especially for removing any weeds growing around the flowers, shrubs and trees. Buy one with a long handle which saves much bending and back ache.
  3. Garden Spade – the ideal tool for digging and preparing ground for planting shrubs and trees. Medium and long handled spades are generally better for any heavy digging.
  4. Garden Rake – there are two different styles of rakes available one is used for levelling freshly prepared ground before sowing seed. The other and very useful bform of rake is the law rake. The latter is ideal for many tasks involved in keeping a lawn area fresh and healthy (removing dead grass, thatch, moss, fallen leaf).
  5. Garden trowel – an excellent hand tool for planting bulbs, bedding plants and small potted plants. Also very useful for tidying pots, containers and hanging baskets.
  6. Secateurs – most gardens involved some element of seasonal or occasional cutting. Secateurs are ideal for all general cutting but especially useful for cutting flowers which are intended for such purposes as table decoration/bouquets etc. For heavier or more regular cutting and pruning, a pruners or shears might be a better option.

Select tools which have been made with craft using robust materials. Avoid any bargain offers, these are usually sold on price not quality and are unlikely to last very long. Selecting well made quality tools will not only make a great gift idea but provide a lifetime of trouble free performance which is guaranteed to keep the gardener happy and the garden beautiful!

Article contributed by Owen Chubb – http://www.owenchubblandscapers.com

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