Urban Landscaping

Urban Landscaping

Limestone paved pathway

There are many obvious advantages to landscaping large urban gardens, spatial scope, design options and not least opportunities to create ‘journey layouts’ to provide subtle but leading pathways to link the various areas or compartments within the overall scheme.

Similar to interior layouts, it is perhaps more effective to have some design strands to provide some discernible continuity as one travels from one room to the next, in other words a coherent design which links but still providing scope for developing individual layouts within each room and similarly within each area of the garden.

This approach also relies more heavily on developing an uncongested and seemingly harmonious layout with good open aspect views to most areas. The more open uncongested layout also has an obvious advantage of maximising the sense of space which would otherwise appear reduced in busy fragmented layouts with restricted views.

Limestone paving is the preferred natural stone choice for patio and pathways and is also used as lawn edging as well as framing (edging) the planetd border areas.

Note the strong use of sweeping curves with limestone setts to complement the more softer look which the planting will provide. Some straightlines have also been used to good practical effect especially along the retained hedging. Using setts as an edging is very effective to provide permanence to the profile or layout, a good buffer to prevent unwelcomed migration of planting or weeds into neighbouring space as well as an excellent mowing edge to ensure easy to mow clean and crisp lines (or curves) without the need for any strimming.

In this large garden, good space allocation has been made for a number of important areas including patio, lawn, planted areas, garden storage facilities, vegetable growing  (raised beds) and plant propagation (greenhouse). The process of selecting surface finishes and ground preparation has also taken into consideration optimised performance and reducing the maintenance requirements.

Article contributed by Owen Chubb – http://www.owenchubblandscapers.com

Lawn edging and pathway make adjustments to lawn levels easy
Form meets finish
The working garden area evolves and space allocated for newer elements
Limestone paving defines individual spaces and ground levels
Horticultural liner provides an effective weed barrier under pebble surface
Limestone setts used to enhance look and also define planted space
Curve appeal
Limestone setts as lawn/border edging

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