Anti household and water charge campaigners to meet with TDs

Anti household and water charge campaigners to meet with TDs

Ciaran Lynch TD

Representatives from Social Justice Ireland and the Campaign against Household and Water Charges will appear before the Committee on Environment, Transport, Culture and the Gaeltacht tomorrow, 13th December as part of the Committee’s investigation into the supply, storage, provision, disposal and cost of water.

Committee Chairman Ciarán Lynch, TD said: “Tomorrow, the Committee will have an opportunity to get the perspective of the Campaign against Household and Water Charges and Social Justice Ireland on water supply, the costs involved and the impact of water pricing on consumers.

Over the past number of months we have been carrying out a thorough and in-depth consultation process with key stakeholders and interested parties in the water sector where we are addressing issues such as the provision, administration, management and costs involved in providing an adequate water infrastructure for our population.

At tomorrow’s meeting, representatives from the Campaign against Household and Water Charges and Social Justice Ireland will both have a chance to outline their views on the issue of providing water infrastructure in Ireland and how that infrastructure should be costed and funded.

The Committee is fully aware that additional costs on families and households from water charges is a worry for many and the Committee hopes to explore how this can best be achieved in a fair and equitable way. Tomorrow we will have an opportunity to hear the concerns of those who represent people who are concerned about the extra costs water charges may bring and the impact that water charges may have. Committee members will also have a chance to raise any issues they may have on the matter.

It is clear that we need immediate action now to ensure that we have an adequate water infrastructure in the future and to prevent future water shortages and the Committee has identified this issue as a priority and a major concern. Our meeting tomorrow is the latest in series of engagements with interested parties and stakeholders which are designed to give members of the Joint Committee an overview and also a thorough understanding of the major issues in the water sector. Having considered the evidence put before us, the committee will publish its own report and put forward proposals to the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government.”

This meeting will take place on Tuesday, 13th December, in Committee Room 4, Leinster House 2000 at 2.15pm.

Committee proceedings can be followed live here.

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  1. Paul Whelan at 3:22 pm

    If there is to be a protest march against the household charges would it be more affective if instead of having one march in Dublin we had a number of marchs in other major towns and cities all over the country on the same day. This will allow people who may not be able to travel to Dublin but would still like to protest. Plus intead of just shutting down one town we would be shutting down a number of towns and cities around the country.

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