Urban Garden Landscaping – Limestone Patio and Paving

Urban Garden Landscaping – Limestone Patio and Paving

Sweeping profiles - more difficult cutting but more interesting shapes

Although patios and pathways come in all shapes and sizes, space permitting sweeping curves can make patio and pathway profiles more gentle, smoother and probably much more appealing than simple straight lines. However in gardens where space is perhaps more limited, straight line or linear layouts are more space efficient.

Ideally patio lines should be defined as to be consistent with the overall garden design and almost informally leading the eye from one element to the next.

Another important point when designing pathways, is to avoid at all possible dissecting the lawn into smaller segments which will make the overall lawn area appear smaller. Also by positioning the pathway to one side can offer many possibilities for a more interesting shape to lawn and border planting areas.

By all means the pathway is to offer access from one area to another but it can also be used to profile a more interesting shape to the lawn. Pathways being a firm and levelled surface is a very useful means of determining lawn level and providing a simple but effective mowing edge.

Article contributed by Owen Chubb – http://www.owenchubblandscapers.com

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