Landscape Gardening – Marking Out & Site Clearance

Landscape Gardening – Marking Out & Site Clearance

Marking out - setting out the new design layouts

Renovating an old garden is essentially a program of two Phases: Phase 1 – Design, Groundworks (Site clearance/Marking out/Excavations) and completion/finalising of all boundary elements.

Once the structure and space have been defined, marked out (several methods can be used for marking out, a popular DIY method is to lay a garden hose on the ground and mark the line by placing sand along the hose to mark ground. A much better, quicker and easier method is spray the area with line marker spray paint. Once area(s) have been defined, cleared and excavated, allows the next phase to commence.

Phase 2 – Construction and Planting. The construction phase can involved a range of tasks including construction of Raised Beds, Patios and Pathways. Construction works need to be planned so as to allow the workflow to run smoothly, uninhibited and avoid any access restrictions.

Client agreement of proposed new design and layout allowed Phase 1 works to commence and the process of ‘out with the old and in with the new’ gets underway.

Article contributed by Owen Chubb –

It’s the digger time as site clearance works commence
Using line marker spray paint makes marking out easier, quicker and better


Construction of new raised bed is completed
Old patio slabs are re-used as part of the backfill for the new raised patio

Construction of site boundary elements (Rendered walls) get underway

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