Problems caused by cold weather can be prevented

Problems caused by cold weather can be prevented

As councils around the country prepare for another possible cold snap this winter, it’s also important for tenants and landlords to prepare themselves for any cold weather or heavy snow as well.

Dublin City Council met on Wednesday to roll out its severe weather plan for this winter with similar efforts being made the length and breadth of the country.

Frozen boilers and leaking pipes, coupled with an inability for workmen to reach properties to fix the problems, are a common occurance in bad weather.

There are steps that a landlord or tenant can take to prevent some of these problems though.

Twelve steps that can be taken to avoid expensive bills include:

  1. Making sure all pipes are lagged properly.
  2. Paying attention to leaking taps and arranging to have them mended.
  3. Booking an annual service for the central heating system.
  4. Ensuring the boiler manual is easily available.
  5. Clearing gutters and checking for leaking joints.
  6. Checking that eaves, fascias, soffits and slates are in good working order.
  7. Making sure external repainting is completed.
  8. Inspecting fencing and replacing broken panels.
  9. Fitting an isolator to the stopcock of outdoor taps and turning off in winter.
  10. Investing in a couple of electric heaters and an electric urn for tentants to use in an emergency.
  11. Stocking up on electric electric light bulbs and ensuring electric metres have credit in them.
  12. Visiting void properties regularly and acting quickly to rectify problems.

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