Conservatories: Bringing the family together again

Conservatories: Bringing the family together again

Conservatories are a great place for the family to come together


Space may come as a premium but elegantly designed conservatories enhance the looks and value of any home.

It’s a common occurance for families to outgrow their “starter home” but it isn’t always feasible to immediately buy a bigger one. If and when that occurs it’s often the easiest thing to add a much needed room – the conservatory, your gateway to the outdoors.

For homeowners who want to add a stylish room that is practical, cheap and versatile, consider the option of building a modest conservatory. These days, choosing from an array is a “walk in the park”. Google a few sites or visit the nearest construction depot if you have not decided on which one to build.

Some points to consider when choosing whether you go for DIY or hire the services of a professional contractor for your conservatory are:

  • Location (front, side, rear, standalone)
  • Function
  • Style
  • Cost
  • Foundation
  • Bases
  • Flooring
  • Framework
  • Material (hardwood, uPVC, aluminum, oak etc.)
  • Glass type (frosted, heat-reflective, treated, glazed etc.)
  • Door and window locks
  • Heating and
  • Insulation

Building a conservatory is an exciting time for families but often there are a couple of fears about building one: would it get too hot out there during summer and would it be safe? Fortunately, the merits of door locks, insulation, material and other costs can be easily explained by a contractor, who has the ability to create the conservatory of your dreams.

The extra room created by a conservatory can create a pretty “garden within a garden” and the availability of a wide range of furniture suited for conservatories and a variety of plants means you can quickly and easily cater the room to your needs.

For many families the conservatory is now their favourite place to just be together. A family quietly spending a relaxed afternoon in companionable silence is almost a throwback in an era of iPads and widescreen TVs, but those who experience it on a regular basis don’t complain. For them, this extra bit of togetherness makes the conservatory a truly worthwhile investment.

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