Balcony Gardening

Balcony Gardening

Successful balcony gardening is more achieveable with sensible container and plant selections. Apartment dwellers do make efforts to enhance and enjoy the balcony area. Considerable time & effort is invested to optimise this very important outdoor living space. In order to achieve a more satisfying and enduring balcony garden display, careful consideration of following points will yield very good results:

  • Big is better – large pots or planters not only offer more scope for a wider range of plant types and sizes, but less vunerable to dehydration
  • Broad stability – select planters with broad bases which are much more stable and therefore unlikely to blow over
  • Size matters – small pots dry out quickly and to avoid plants suffering, small pots will require much more maintenance
  • Rock without the roll – plants which are firmly planted in good topsoil are unlikely to be at risk from wind rock, a major cause of plant failure
  • Material matters – among the important advantages of synthetic planters is better moisture retention and reduced rate of evaporation



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