Building a garden by hand: Part 4

Building a garden by hand: Part 4

Building a garden by hand: Part 4From the outset the old, tired looking and overgrown suburban garden incorporated many of the typical challenges commonly encountered in many suburban garden projects. For example lack of structure in layout, sprawling unmanageable planting, significant level differences, more screening required, inadequate patio and outdoor space etc.

In this project our objectives were very clear;

  • To create a coherent practical layout which optimised the urban space
  • Create easy access, and
  • Restrict planting to a more simplified but easily maintained borders.

To facilitate the above requirements

  • The appearance of the boundary walls were enhanced and the privacy improved with trellis panels and shiplap timber wall cladding
  • Colour was used to provide a bright and pleasing background
  • Natural stone featured extensively in the crafted dry stone walling for the raised planting beds and paving areas, and
  • Unusually a synthetic surface replaced the natural lawn to offer a maintenance free ground covering and also to provide an ideal surface for the owner to practice bowls.

As with the design of many urban gardens, maximising the available space is very important, and a coherent layout with well-defined borders provides an uncomplicated but inviting layout.

This suburban garden project is a good example of where design and implementation were used creatively and produced an appealing space regardless of the area / size of the garden.

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