Urban Garden Landscaping Project: Part 1

Urban Garden Landscaping Project: Part 1

Urban Garden Landscaping Project: Part 1A new day and a new project, this time a mature but very poorly overgrown and rather dishevelled urban garden. The scope for this garden project is a comprehensive re-modeling of the old garden and will include;

  • Replacing the “well past it” timber fencing
  • New patio areas,
  • Raised beds and
  • A new lawn.

Although many garden projects share common elements, each in their own individual way is unique and it is within the remit of the design challenge to reveal that uniqueness in an appealing and practical manner.

Along with the owners we shared the exciting prospects of the project, but rather kindly and keenly they set about doing some of the initial site clearance! Our first priority is always to clear the site especially along the boundary lines, remove all debris and any obstruction. Once complete this enabled us excavate and complete the boundary wall foundations.

Urban Garden Landscaping Project: Part 1

When clearing the way for our new boundary wall, a well established and strongly performing climber Clematis Armandii, closely rooted near a concrete fencing post pillar made it impossible to remove the pillar without causing potentially serious and probably terminal damage to the clematis. But, instead, it was agreed, to simply divert wall around fencing post and avoid causing any serious risk to the climber.

Our urban garden site is now cleared and our boundary wall foundations set; all ready and prepared for the block laying to begin!

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