How to clean your microwave

Like your oven, your microwave can quickly become home to an array of food that has escaped during the cooking process. From ‘burnty’ bits, drops and splashes from soups and sauces and of course the odd explosion of beans and peas you might think avoiding or ignoring the food design on the inside of your microwave would be easier than cleaning it. BUT thanks to lemons the process of removing the caked food is so easy you will wonder why you haven’t done it sooner!

To clean your microwave, all you have to do is;

  1. Fill a jug with 300ml of hot water,
  2. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze in the lemon juice
  3. Put the jug of hot water with lemon juice in your microwave for on max for 5-10 minutes allowing the steam to condense on the walls and roof of the oven.
  4. Remove the jug from the microwave and wipe clean with a cloth… the dirty should wipe off with “unparalleled easy!”
  5. Ta da! You’re done! How easy and painless was that?
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  1. Oisin at 5:03 pm

    Here is an article I wrote that has a massive 52 homemade cleaners. They’ll save you a small fortune.

  2. Oisin at 4:58 pm

    I’ve been using simple ingredients like lemon and baking soda to clean my house for quite a while now. They are much more powerful than people realise and of course significantly cheaper too.

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