How to clean your freezer

Cleaning the freezer can be a lengthy and messy job but at the same time it’s a very necessary job. You probably have noticed and are well aware that over time a nice big thick layer of ice can build up on the inside your freezer. Not only does this make it hard to open and close freezer drawers but the ice reduces the efficiency of the appliance adding to your electricity bill.

So how to clean a freezer without too much torture? How to clean your freezer

  1. First off you will need to unload the freezer of any food items you might currently have inside! If you don’t have a second freezer where you can put the food during the cleaning process one hand tip from Videojug is to wrap your frozen foods in newspaper and put them in a cooler bag which should be stored in the coldest part of your house.
  2. Turn off your freezer and remove any drawers and ice trays from the freezer. Place newspaper or old towels around the base of the freezer to soak up the water as the ice melts.
  3. To help the melting process along, dip a cloth in the hot water and dab it onto the ice covered shelves. Placing a bowl of warm water at the base of the freezer or underneath stubborn chunks of ice will also speed up the job.
  4. While waiting for the ice to melt wash all the freezer drawers and ice cube trays with hot water and a small bit of detergent; rinse and leave to dry.
  5. Check the freezers defrosting progress. Remove and discard any lose lumps of ice and damp newspaper and lay out a dry layer of newspaper or towels.
  6. Leave the freezer until it has completely defrosted; this could take a few hours.
  7. Once defrosted, wipe the inside of the freezer with warm water. Ensure that you don’t forget to clean the door jam as this where food from the fridge can gather!
  8. Now you are ready to replace your freezer drawers and all frozen food.
  9. All done!

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