Outdoor Christmas Lights: Love them or hate them?

Outdoor Christmas Lights: Love them or hate them?

Outdoor Christmas Lights: Love them or hate them?

With the Christmas festive season well underway, the decoration process both inside and outside of the house is in full swing. With a massive range of lights on the market, from modest icicle sequences to 12ft illuminated sets of Santa and his reindeers, it”s fair to say that Christmas has gone all bling bling. Only a … hand full of years ago it was hard to find outdoor lights without going to a specialist but now that they are available in every garden centre, hardware store and shop corner more and more people are catching the outdoor decorating bug.

Some go for a minimised reserved look of a few clear or coloured fairly lights that border part of the house or highlight a tree in the front garden while on the total extreme opposite some people go to extraordinary lengths to make sure their houses are the brightest lit, adorning their house with thousands of lights which nearly offer an alternative sun source.

Every year the debate arises as to whether outside Christmas lights are first-rate or just plain naff. Some houses could be compared to Clark Griswold”s in the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation while many believe they promote a great sense of Christmas spirit and celebration.

Outdoor Christmas Lights: Have your say

  • Do you love them? Are they attractive, magical and an essential part of the festive season?
  • Or are they cheap, tacky, distasteful and vulgar?
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  1. Paul Browne at 1:01 pm


  2. Graham at 6:39 am

    I think the outdoor lights and decorations are cool, the kids love them and to be fair christmas is a happy time and boy to we deserve it. Happy christmas to ye all…. Hang your lights where you will!!!!! Have a happy and safe 2010

  3. ciaran o hUiginn at 1:01 pm

    I think that outdoor lights are grand once they are hung properly, out of reach of anybody who would like to mess with them. Birds and ainimals are ok because they feel the heat and are wise enough not to mess with the lights!

  4. Maria Kane at 5:02 am

    I think they’re awful, just a load of attention seeking, I think!

  5. amanda hogan at 12:47 pm

    I personally love to see them and so do my children ,Idont put them up myself but i think they are fab to see.

  6. Declan de Monge at 12:16 pm

    Love them, cheers you up in this dark depressed island of ours

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