Response to Budget 2010 Response to Budget 2010 Response to Budget has welcomed the announcement by the Minister for Finance that mortgage interest relief will continue to be applicable for seven years for all qualifying loans taken out before 1st July 2010, and that transitional arrangements will be put in place for qualifying loans taken out between 1st July 2011 and the end … of 2013. In addition, those people whose entitlement to Mortgage Interest Relief is due to expire in 2010 or after will now continue to receive relief up to the end of 2017.

However has expressed disappointment at the “missed opportunity” that the Minister for Finance did not revise downwards the current rates of stamp duty for residential and non-residential property transactions in order to provide some small stimulus to trading in the property market at the current time.

Commenting on the Budget today, Paul Murgatroyd, economic consultant to said…

Read full press release of the response to the 2010 Budget

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