has launched a fresh new look! has launched a fresh new look! has launched a fresh new lookHere at MyHome we are continuously creating and providing more new and improved ways to help you get the best out of We have recently made some changes to the site which we hope you will like.

Why not take a look?

Some new features and … enhancements we’ve made include;

  • New look property brochure
  • Pop up media gallery
  • Map view search
  • Local Area guides
  • Gallery view search results
  • New Private landlord upload

We hope you enjoy the experience.

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  1. Andrew at 12:09 pm

    Well done on the new site design. It does look brighter. I do remember looking at a previous incarnation that was quite disparate in different areas whereas this does look more cohesive.

    The one thing I would suggest and something I have learned from experience is that whitespace is your friend. It leads to a cleaner design which would increase your fresh look but its proven also to aid in comprehension.

    There is a clearly defined area in your search box, but the items below it are very tightly packed together and the context is hard to follow even with sub headings.

  2. Brian at 12:03 pm

    Love the new design, great work. It’s a massive improvement on the old look, although the yellow hurts my eyes 🙂

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