Student Renters: Coming soon to a neighbourhood near you!

Student Renters: Coming soon to a neighbourhood near you!

Student Renters: Coming soon to a neighbourhood near you! Parties, long sleep-ins and a stockpile of dirty dishes are the stereotypical traits plaguing students’ living reputations. Unlike Ramsey Street, not everyone loves their neighbours and many claim students to be the worst type of neighbour. Some go as far as saying that students could even devalue your home!

September is fast approaching, many properties lay vacant and with landlords … are screaming out for tenants and hoards of students are searching for a place to live – you might just find some students living next door to you!

There were just under 110,000 students attending colleges around Ireland last year and if figures are relatively in or around the same that”s a lot of people looking for rental accommodation before college year starts.

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  • Would you like a student living next door to you?
  • Is it always parties and loud music?
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  1. cp at 1:50 pm

    I feel for you all. the only way I found in dealing with people who don’t listen to reason I dealt with in the following order;

    Ask politely to keep quite
    1 Call their landlord
    2 Call the guards
    3 And lastly at some stage they have to sleep and then you can exact your revenge, a bit of drilling, hammering, thumping music, bogus deliveries to call to the house, basically an onslaught so they can’t sleep as well. Remember you are in control not them.

  2. eileen at 4:09 pm

    we bought our house 5years ago and at that time we did not know that house next door was being rented otherwise we wouldnt have bought it.we have had all sorts of neighbours with only 1 “normal and quiet ” lot in it we have at the moment supposed to be two young girls but from about 5pm every eve the noise starts and the music and the drinking and thats just the week nights the weekends are twice as loud i hate being the grumpy neighbour but when me and my husband have to be up at 6am for work its way too much what should i do?

  3. George at 2:32 pm

    My sister in law bought an appartment in a new development about a year ago. Since then most of the flats were lying empty. However, the builder has now let the empty flats out to the local university and students have moved in.
    Since they have moved in, there has been noise every night until about 6am with people running up and down the corriders banging doors and playing loud music. She complained to the Gardi, the builder and the university and no one is taking responsibility for sorting out what is happening. She has spoken to her other neighbours and they are also being disturbed.

    She and the other owners of the appartments are now in the position of having taken out mortages and bought their homes and now can not get any peace due to this anti-social group of students.

    The area around the flats are lovely landscaped gardens and are now littered with empty bottles, chip wrappers and takeaway boxes. They have deliberately jammed the secure door to the appartment block open at night so their friends can get in and out as well.

  4. Mary Scully at 2:14 pm

    I have a house near UCC to let and I would be very slow in renting it to college students.Last year the students in the house next door used to be playing football around the street in the early hours of the morning and the cars used to have to blow their horns at them to get off the road. This is very annoying for people who have to have a clear head in order to do their work the following day. I have had business people in the house and they can also leave it very dirty and have parties but at least they have to get up for work in the morning.

  5. Colette at 11:27 am

    I have had some very good and some very inconsiderate neighbours – working, retired, and students – I would have to say like everything else “it only takes one”. It doesnt do to judge people by the stage they are at in their life. Judge them, if you must, by what they do.

  6. Catherine at 4:06 pm

    I had to sell my house because of students.When I moved to the area their were small amounts of students living in the estate due to proximity to DKIT Unfortunately I moved in during the Summer and didn’t realise how bad it was going to get. I had student in the houses both sides of me across the front road and at the back of my house Their behaviour was appalling.Beer cans and vomit in my garden.These wernt isolated incidents this carry on went on for 5 of the 6 years I lived their.I was trying to raise 2 children and my hiusband worked shifts we only got sleep if they went home for the weekendsand the Gardai wernt interested.The only time we got peace was when 1 of the proprtys changed hands and I got owners phone no. than every time the woke us or kept us awake I rang him and rang him and rang him 1,2,3,4 in the morning that sorted it for a while also Solicitors helped. Eventually We couldnt live like that I was on medication and my kids were trying to study so we sold up and moved.The colleges and Universities should be held accountable.

  7. Tom at 2:38 pm

    I work as a postman and deliver to various residences where students live. The front and back gardens are usually like jungles, the refuse bins are overflowing with beer cans and empty wine bottles. I don’t know how they behave at night and at the weekend, but the whole tone of the roads where they live is lowered by the presence of these young residents. I don’t expect them to be like middle-aged family people, but since you’ve asked, no, I wouldn’t like to have them living next door to me. On one occasion students who rented out a house behind me hired an inflatable castle and partied all night, keeping the whole neighbourhood awake with their outdoor antics. Are students excused from being respectful and considerate of others?

  8. John at 2:15 pm

    I think you can have really inconsiderate and selfish neighbours. We live in a apartment complex where I would think most of the them are owner occupied. On more than one occasion there have been parties on week nights. Now I’m not a dry person and I don’t mind throwing a the odd party myself every now and then but when you throw a party on a week night in an apartment complex where a couple of hundred people also live, thats fairly selfish, esp with the music booming all night and when you have the get up the next day and work!!!!! but what can you do?

  9. pat at 2:11 pm

    Can be a bit of p off if the students are arrogant inconsiderate brats..but you can get lucky and get decent students living next door also.
    There are measures that can be taken in the case of trouble: All you have to do is have phone numbers and addresses of landlord and/or the parents of the students renting..any crap out of them at 3am ring the landlord and/or the peraents and ask them to do something about it. One call should do the trick..failing that talk to the college.

  10. p at 2:04 pm

    last year, i had the misfortune of having a student neighbour. the apartment block i live in is mainly owner-occupied but my ‘noisy neighbour’ was selfish and inconsiderate. for a number of months it was all-night partying. at the w/ends she and her fellow students behaved like aninmals – drinking, roaring, shouting from the balcony. i know all students are not the same but unfortunately all it takes is one to tarnish the rest. i would rather live in a tent than to have students as neighbours.

  11. Miriam at 2:00 pm

    Students maybe annoying but non student neighbours can be just as bad! The house where we lived when going to college was located within a decent, residential ‘family’ estate or so we thought. Some weirdo lived beside us! The Gardas were called to the house next door several times, and the Gardas also called by our house a few times to ask about the comings and goings of the people next door. This really didnt boost my confidence with wanting to live there anymore. I dont necessarily think all students are bad neighbours, I think you can have good and bad neighbours in general and yes I do think bad neighbours could devalue your home and put you off from living there.

  12. Fiona at 1:54 pm

    I agree that students may have a reputation of night long parties, noisey and annoying. Having been a student renter myself not so long ago I now feel sorry for those who lived next door or for the estate where we lived. Looking back I bet the residents particularly hate freshers week and rag week. If someone was to make noise all night long (for a week!) I would be fairly annoyed especially if i had to get up early to go to work the next day.

  13. Hilary at 1:16 pm

    I think it is a bit unfair to tarnish all students with the same brush! Bad neighbours are determined by what they do not who they are!

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