Wood Pellet Supply & Prepay


Wood Pellet Supply & PrepayWith an increasing focus on cost and energy efficiency the use of wood pellet boilers and stoves has risen sharply in both the residential and commercial markets in Ireland. Across Europe – most notably Germany, Austria and the Nordics – the use of wood pellet boilers and stoves is well established.

Wood Pellets:
Wood Pellets are made from sawdust waste (commonly found in timber mills) which is heated and compressed into small cylinders 6mm in diameter and up to 25mm in length. Lignin – the natural sap found in trees – is released as part of the pelletising process to bond the Wood Pellets during compression. The resulting pellets are much denser than natural wood.

Ordering Wood Pellets:
In Ireland, the Wood Pellet boiler and stove community (domestic and commercial) is growing fast. As a consequence, the Wood Pellet supply business is also maturing – with new supply and distribution companies offering services and new production facilities being built to keep pace with demand.

Home and business owners contemplating a switch from traditional heating solutions (oil, gas etc.) need strong commitments to a reliable Wood Pellet delivery service to build the confidence that a wood pellet solution is the right solution for them.

To meet this need Enerfina has partnered with reputable pellet suppliers to provide a service that will guarantee bulk delivery (3-4tonnes) of quality Wood Pellets to customers at competitive rates. Enerfina manages all elements of Wood Pellet supply and payment on behalf of the customer.

Wood Pellet – Pre-Pay Scheme:
Enerfina has also worked with its partners to build and manage a Wood Pellet Pre-Pay Scheme that seeks to remove the risk and pellet sourcing effort from our customers while offering peace of mind, better service and good value. Customers participating in the scheme avail of lower prices by taking bulk deliveries during off-peak periods (Summer, early Autumn)- thereby avoiding higher prices and longer delivery times that are common during peak demand periods such as Christmas. The principles of the scheme are straightforward:

  1. Wood Pellet prices fluctuate during the course of the year – rates in Summer tend to be lower
  2. Enerfina customers pre-pay in monthly installments for committed and co-ordinated bulk deliveries (3 or 4 tonnes) of pellets in the off-peak period
  3. Enerfina secures deliveries for our customers at lower Wood Pellet rates
  4. Enerfina drives cost efficiencies by tightly managing the logistics of Wood Pellet delivery.

What if you change your mind or overpay? Simple! – if you pay into the scheme but decide to opt out before delivery then a full refund of all payments to-date will be made to you. If you overpay, you will be credited against next year or re-funded the amount in question.

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