Wind Turbines

Wind TurbineWind energy needs little explanation. Most people will have driven past wind farms in Ireland, Britain, or continental Europe, featuring gigantic commercial Wind Turbines, or at least will have seen them on television. What you may not know however, is that wind energy can be a viable option not only at a commercial level, but increasingly at a domestic level, as a range of quality, affordable, small and medium sized Wind Turbines begin to make their presence felt in the Irish market.

Wind Turbines convert the kinetic energy of the wind to electricity, and this power can then be used to provide for the electricity requirements of your home or commercial property. The power generated by a Wind Turbine can either be stored in a battery pack or released to the electricity grid (as well as being available to meet your ongoing, day-to-day electricity needs).

Electricity is more costly than oil or gas, thereby providing customers with greater opportunities to make energy savings. Electricity prices have risen dramatically in recent years and it is highly likely that this trend will continue in the future, making an investment in a Wind Turbine a green energy option that is well worthwhile considering.

Excess Output
Another positive factor which exists in the UK but for which a timeline has not yet been determined in the Republic of Ireland, is payment for the excess units of electricity produced by a domestic or small commercial Wind Turbine. This would mean that in effect, your Wind Turbine generates income for the household, which makes the investment even more attractive. Currently the ESB only pays for commercial scale, Wind Turbine generated electricity.

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