Types of Beds


Futons are made with natural fibres (non-toxic/non allergenic fillings) and unlike synthetic mattresses do not retain moisture or perspiration. The natural fibre filling means that they are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Futons are breathable mattresses and mould to the shape of the body giving adequate back support along the length of the spine. Turning the futon regularly will allow it to recover and avoid ‘hollowing’. Custom-made futons can also be made for the taller or smaller person who is unhappy with their conventional mattress.

Waterbeds can provide adequate comfort for up to ten to 15 years. According to some experts, they never lump or sag in the middle and keep their shape offering correct body posture, providing pressure free body and back support.  The beds are thermostatically heat controlled and offer different grades of movement. Contrary to myth they can never burst and minor scratches and pin hole punctures can be easily repaired.

Orthopedic Beds
According to David Robinson of Robinson Surerest, Dublin, “the main market demand nowadays is for bigger mattresses with osteopathic qualities.” Specialists in orthopedic beds David says, “It’s a misnomer that orthopedic beds are firm, they can be soft, medium or firm according to the owner’s sleeping preference.”

Dublin company, Woolfson’s new Kaymed advanced technology Visco-Elastic slow-foam beds have many osteopathic qualities – correcting posture alignment, reducing tossing and turning and give body contoured support. And what’s more a Kaymed bed is hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and fungi-static, flame safe and non-rotational; unlike other beds it doesn’t have to be turned on a regular basis.

Dressed for bed
The best dressed beds are soft, sensual, luxuriously comfortable and richly textured. A simple duvet should be enough to keep you warm in the winter though you could add a gorgeous velvet patchwork throw for extra warmth, and a few suede cushions for good measure. Smooth, crisp white Irish linen is the perfect dressing for summer beds and actually helps promote a relaxed sleep by absorbing moisture away from your skin.

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