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Trend Alert!Since we’ve all been a little empty of pocket recently, there has been a growing appreciation of the charms of times past and its associated benefits. Quality, for one, was traditionally held in high esteem, while comfort would never have been sacrificed in favour of a fleeting fad. Take a look at how we spend now, and it’s easy to see the appeal of returning to the ways of our parents and grandparents, particularly when it comes to buying for our homes.

The modern devotion to trends, super cheap prices and a need for instant gratification has lead to homes filled with cheap, badly made throwaway items that meet their end clogging up a landfill after they have broken or we have become fed up of them. Since a more vintage look has become in vogue, we have been paying more attention to the hidden treasures that may lie in our childhood homes. It’s not ‘old’ or ‘second hand’ any more, it’s ‘care worn’ or ‘previously loved’. And if the hand-me-downs we covet aren’t for the taking, we buy with an eye to looks that have longevity, be it a trusted brand such as Aga or a piece that will have staying power when flash-in-the-pan looks have long fallen out of favour.

Each and every purchase is carefully considered, from natural fabrics and coverings like chunky wollen knits and hearty tweeds, to solid but beautiful furniture that stores treasured teasets and pieces of crystal. Of-the-moment looks will always appeal, but they are to be indulged in in a judicious manner. Perhaps if we spend as our forbears did, we may achieve lasting style that we can pass on to future generations.

Source: House & Home Magazine

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