Small Space Saviours


House & HomeNothing makes living conditions feel worse than a small cramped space, so give your head peace and space with the following House and Home tips to opening up your home.

  1. Use colour carefully, painting ceilings white and opting for varying tones of the same pale colours on adjoining walls to help expand the space.
  2. Create flow from room to room by using the same wall and floor colour and treatment throughout.
  3. Opt for wall mounted cabinets without legs. If the floor is visible underneath furniture it will appear to extend the space. Remove the legs from standard sideboards and units and have them fitted securely to the wall instead.
  4. Choose a wall hung WC and wash basin without the pedestal. In an apartment remove the pedestal and create a custom storage solution underneath your sink.
  5. Don’t be afraid to go large with one statement piece of furniture or accessories. In a high ceilinged small room, for example, a dramatic supersized pendant light can use up the dead ceiling space and create a real impact on the room.
  6. Mirror is the friend of any small space. Forget fussy decorative frames which can close in your room and opt for a simple sheet of mirror cut to fit the full width and height of a short wall.
  7. Don’t overdo the accessories. A small number of statement items work better than a clutter of mismatched bits.
  8. Work your lighting to expand your space. Recessed ceiling lights will de-emphasise a low ceiling. Considering having your table lights wired to the wall switch also and don’t forget up-lighters in the corner of the room to make it seem lighter.
  9. Select multi-purpose furniture like beds with drawers or multi-functional coffee tables. If you plan to stay in your home invest in custom storage to make the most of alcoves and the space under your stairs.
  10. Plain blinds will work well in a small room where over fussy curtains could eat up the space. If you must have curtains floor to ceiling eyelet headings or French pleated plain curtains are your best bet.
  11. In your kitchen keep your counter top clear to create an illusion of space. Resign little used gadgets to a handy cupboard instead.
  12. Don’t forget the hanging space in your kitchen for storing pots and pans.

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