Bedroom Storage Tips


Sleep In PeaceHouse and Home talks to interior designer Sinead Kelly about bedroom storage tips:

  • Clutter does not work in bedrooms as it creates stress. To avoid this, have a place for everything and if you can’t be organised and tidy, at least have it behind closed doors!
  • Maximise wardrobes by going from floor to ceiling with the doors.
  • Hats, old school books, old photos, etc. – basically items you rarely use – can be stored away safely and out of sight in these shelved high areas.
  • Buy bedside tables that also double as drawers for smaller items such as jewellery and cufflinks, ties and coins.
  • Use the floor area of your wardrobe for shoe racks to store shoes out of sight.
  • Create double hanging space by having high and low rails in your wardrobe, as opposed to just one high rail. You only need a small area of tall hanging rail for coats and long dresses.
  • A narrow console table with drawers is extremely versatile for storing make up and hair accessories. Team it with a matching mirror and it can double as a dressing table without taking up too much space.
  • Discreet hooks on your bedroom door is a great way of ensuring that your clothes stay off the floor when you’re just too tired to make the wardrobe! Rather than abandoning them in a mound by the bed, simply hang them from the door hooks and deal with them tomorrow.

Keep bedrooms free from unnecessary clutter. Remember, you want to sleep in a bedroom – not work, read the weeks mail and catch up on study notes. That’s what living rooms are for. By keeping only personal belongings such as clothes, jewellery and a cosy book in your bedroom, your storage will free up for these things and you will feel a greater sense of calm in your bedroom.

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