Rental Accommodation Standards


Rental Accommodation StandardsLegislation introduced on February 1st 2009 launched the new minimum standards for rental accommodation.
Under this new legislation shared bathroom facilities will become a thing of the past with a requirement for all rental accommodation to have:

Sanitary Facilities:

  • A toilet with dedicated wash-basin next to WC, along with hot and cold water.
  • A fixed bath or shower with hot and cold water
  • A safe and effective drainage system and ventilation system. These must be in a separate room from other rooms separated by a wall and door.


  • A fixed appliance heating system capable of providing effective heating and proper ventilation.

Food Preparation:

  • A four-ring hob with oven and grill and adequate exctraction/ventilation.
  • A fridge & freezer
  • Microwave
  • Sink and draining area
  • Adequate number of presses for food storage


  • A washing machine, either in the accommodation or access to a communal washing facility in the building. If there is no access to a garden or yard, there must also be a dryer.

Refuse Facilities:

  • Proper, pest and vermin-proof refuse storage facilities. The use of communal receptacles, where appropriate, will be considered

Property Exterior:

  • Maintenance of the building facade, garden, paths, driveways, hedges.

Download Minimum Housing Standards for Rental Accommodation (PDF, 97KB)

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