Perfect Beds


Perfect BedsWe know just how important a goods nights sleep really is which is why we’ve put together this ultimate guide to making the perfect bed.

Choosing the bed itself is very important. It’s a very personal thing and there’s a great variety available for any budget. You need to consider things such as if you have back problems and be careful to pick the right style.

Dressing the bed is where the fun really begins. It can vary from person to person in terms of preference but get it right and it really adds a luxurious feel. A great option is to go for the traditional blanket, with the option of using a comforter also.

When choosing sheets opt for Italian or Egyptian cotton, with a thread count of 450 to 600; this means increased softness per inch and ensures a finer texture. When buying a duvet, choose natural goosedown.

It is very important to have a mattress protector. Buy one that goes right underneath the mattress to make sure that it stays in place – if it moves the linen will also move. You should consider buying a pillow topper which adds another layer and gives extra cushioning.

A fitted bottom sheet will work best and reduce movement of the rest of the linen. Make sure the top sheet is spread evenly and straight. The wide hem always goes at the top and if it has a logo, place it so that it faces outward when it is turned down. Tuck the sheets under the mattress all the way around the bed. Spread the blanket or duvet on top of that, and protect the blanket using another sheet or a decorative or lightweight spread. Spread it smooth and even and do a turnback fold. Remember though, the blanket should never be visible!

BedroomThe next step is an envelope or hospital fold: tuck all the layers in all along the bottom of the bed. Take a corner of the three layers between your thumb and forefinger and draw it around the corner of the mattress. Flip your other hand under the side of the sheet and putt it up in a diagonal fold, then turn it over the diagonal fold and under the mattress. This will hold the bedding firmly in place.

Finally place the pillows on top. Natural goosedown is best as it is very firm but still soft and doesn’t hold moisture, which is good for getting rid of bacteria – very important if you have allergies.

You should deep clean your mattress every six months, which will really reduce problems such as bed bugs. A new cleaning system uses a UV ray of light to filter down to the middle of the mattress. A specialist can be hired to do this job for approximately €30.

Finally, a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow will help you have a blissful nights sleep.

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