Paint Ideas

Paint Ideas

Just for girls
Create an uplifting, fun and happy space using bright candy colours. Paint three walls in yellow and one in blue, and make a feature with a stenciled star. Mix and match different coloured furniture, soft furnishings and accessories for added impact and dress windows in simple voile to let in the light.

How to create a funky star design

  • Paint the wall a bright sunny yellow background colour first and allow at least 24 hours drying. It’s easier to work out the design and proportions of the star on paper first before transferring it to the wall.
  • Mask the central spot of the star on the wall, and then draw a vertical line using a spirit level ruler to the desired length of the ‘north’ star point – 80cm in this case.
  • Placing a protractor over the central point (with 0 degrees on the line), make nine marks with a pencil, around the edge, every 36 degrees.
  • Draw a line 50cm long, from the centre point through the mark to the right of the vertical line. The next line round is 80cm long, then 50cm, then so on.
  • Join the ends of the ten lines to make the outer star shape. Draw the inner shapes by making marks at 25 per cent and 75 per cent on each line, and join.
  • Paint in the shapes, masking off the outer edges each time.


Boys will be boys
Create a chilled space for hanging out in – paint the walls in shades of blue and orange, go for glossy black painted floorboards underfoot and create a funky artwork panel using a pair of old trainers. Keep furniture to a minimum mixing 60s style wooden pieces with a classic upholstered sofa.

How to create a footprint artwork panel

  • Paint the wall first in Empire Blue Crown Period Colours and leave at least 24 hours to dry. Then mark out the edges of a panel using masking tape and a spirit level. The panel can be as wide or as long as you like.
  • Paint between the tape lines in black and allow to dry.
  • Get a pair of old trainers and lightly coat the raised part of the soles with a mini-roller.
  • Press the trainers (as a pair) firmly to the wall to leave an imprint. Create a pattern-like effect by alternating the position of the trainers on the panel. You could also consider a single pair of prints in orange in the centre of the panel to give the design that extra kick.

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