Make a Room in Your Garden


These days there is no question that we could all use more living space.  Whether you need a home office, a home gym or just a room to get away from the commotion in the house, an extra room would make all the difference.

Room In the Garden
Shomera (the Irish word seomra spelled phonetically to include ‘home’ in the name) were the first company to promote the idea of using the garden when providing additional living space. Starting in 1998 Shomera now have more than 1,000 customers across Ireland and the UK.   During this time several companies have tried to compete in this market but Shomera remain the leading provider of additional living space, calling their product the Shomera Studio.

More and more people are looking for ways to obtain additional living space.  With the high costs of moving and the pitfalls involved in extending the house, it makes sense to look to the bottom of the garden.  You probably have a corner of the garden that is rarely used.  By converting this unused space into quality living space you are not only transforming your property for your own benefit, you are also increasing the value of your property.

Shed or Living Space
Many people are looking for an extra room but to have quality living space you really need to ensure the room is a quality structure.  Long gone are the days when a glorified shed or converted cabin will provide the living space you need.  And, if you’re considering adding value to your property, the quality and the appearance of the living space is vitally important.

The first thing you’ll notice about a Shomera is that it feels like a room in your house.  Shomera have purposefully engineered their buildings to help you feel as though you’re in your home.  The height of walls and ceilings provide an expansive space for you to put your personality into the decoration.

Custom Designed
Every Shomera is custom-designed so your personality will show through the overall look of your Shomera Studio.  Once you have decided how you plan to use your Shomera (keeping in mind the change of use over the years), the Shomera team can assist you in choosing a style of Shomera you prefer.  Then, the design process is conveniently broken into stages to help you choose the look and layout that you like.

You’ll be surprised at how many options you have when designing your own living space.  After all, it is your living space.

Shomera have not only made the design process hassle-free, but the installation process is as well.  Many people have had negative experiences with building projects.  However, a Shomera installation will be unlike any other project you’ve experienced.   Shomera provide a delivery date and a finish date – and they keep their promise!  The workmen are professional, friendly and even tidy up after themselves.

“We had heard positive things about the ease of dealing with Shomera, but we had no idea the process would be so hassle-free!  The installation crew were so professional and clean, I had to convince my wife that I didn’t tidy up after they left.” Gavan Duffy, Co Dublin

Display Areas
If you need additional living space, make it a priority to visit one of the display areas, called the Shomera Village in Dunshaughlin, Co Meath or Glen of the Downs, Co Wicklow.  There will soon be a third in Malahide, as well as a large Shomera Village in Midleton, Co Cork.  Each Shomera Village has fully finished display models showcasing a variety of styles and designs to help you imagine your own creation.

  • See the Shomera website for directions and opening hours.

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