Indoor Flower Garden


Indoor Flower GardenHit the Bottle
Old milk bottles make great cheap n’ cheerful vases. For graphic simplicity and feeling of order, double up and display in a neat row. Add some food colouring to the water to colour and repeat the same simple arrangement in each bottle using Narcissus and tulips.

Mix and Match
Make a statement with an eye-catching arrangement of bold coloured flowers displayed in similar square tank vases. Stick to a few key colours for maximum impact. Take the lead from this stylish bit of planting using orange Dahlias, yellow Craspedia and Limonium.

Single and Sexy
Get creative with a striking arrangement of bright red flowers displayed in a tall, slender vase. Emphasise the height of the vase, while keeping the look ordered and balanced with a ring of Gerbera and Hydrangea at the lip and tall stems of Gladiolus in the centre.

All Square
For a truly modern approach to indoor planting create a colourful display using funky flowers and plants like Hypericum, orange Gerbera, Craspedia, brilliant green and red Chrysanthemums and Hydrangea arranged in different sized square containers inside a larger container.

Inner Space
Follow the latest trend for displaying plants and flowers inside glass vessels. Avoid overly sculptural vessels so they won’t detract from your arrangement. The arrangement doesn’t have to be too complicated either, make an impact with a single plant like this colourful red and green Tradescantia.

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