How to Solve those Storage Problems?


How to Solve those Storage Problems?When purchasing furniture it is a good idea to seek out furniture that, whilst looking good, offers you space for storage.  The following are good examples of the type of furniture you can purchase in the shops:

  • Beds with under bed storage.  These are ideal for children’s bedrooms as they can be used for toys etc.  In other bedrooms they are ideal for storing bed linen etc.  If you have a divan bed you can make boxes to fit under the bed but make sure that you put castors on them for ease of use.
  • Shelves can be placed in many places including walls and doors.  Shelves above door level are ideal for storing books etc.
    Tables with drawers are ideal for storing cutlery and table ware.
  • Bench seating is ideal for small kitchens and allows for storage under a hinged lid.
  • Chests are commonly used as coffee tables.  These are ideal for storing items that are not used too often but are easily accessible.
    TV/Video cabinets are ideal for storing tapes and videos.
  • Fabric shelving is ideal for use in wardrobes and can be used for storing shoes as well as items of clothing.
  • Stackable boxes as well as being functional are now designed to be unobtrusive.
  • Over counter shelving is ideal in kitchens for storing utensils and spices.
  • Canopy pot hangers will offer you additional storage space in kitchen cupboards.  It is important to ensure that these are securely fixed to the ceiling in order to take the weight of the pots.

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