Grow your own Lemon or Orange tree


Grow your own Lemon or Orange treeCitrus trees are superb conservatory or patio trees that love the summer heat and yet like cool winters. They are remarkably easy to grow given the correct conditions.

Growing Conditions
They like a temperature of 20-30 degrees C but will tolerate down to 5-6 degrees C. The tree will be in growth between 13 and 30 degrees. Therefore if used as a patio tree, they must be brought indoors at least in winter to avoid cold damage.

Citrus like a slightly acid, porous soil, so we recommend using a soil based compost like Westland Multipurpose compost, and feeding with Miracid food which will keep the soil acidic. Put plenty of drainage material in the base of the pot as citrus resent any form of waterlogging.

Citrus trees must never be allowed to dry out. In the growth phase water regularly and plentifully. Avoid any waterlogging. In hot weather, water a little and often, maybe every day in a conservatory.

Feed every week from Spring to the beginning of Autumn. In Winter only feed once a month. Feed some tomato fertilizer occasionally to encourage more blossom. We also now have a special Citrus fertiliser if you wish to use that.

If your tree is always indoors the flowers will require pollination. In the absence of flies or bees you should do this regularly when the plants are in flower by using a small child’s art brush to dust the pollen from flower to flower.

Watch for greenfly or scale insect and use an organic insecticide if necessary.

Enjoy the fragrance of the flowers!


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