Decluttering Your Home


Decluttering Your HomeHow to De-clutter your Home
Space is at a premium in your home and yours seems to be dwindling fast because of an increase in clutter it means it is time to step in and tidy and reclaim your sanctuary. The experts at House and Home have the best de-clutter guide to help you tackle that mess in your home.

A really quick and easy way to feel like you have made an impact is to tackle your wardrobe, first of all go through all of your clothes and make a pile of anything you haven’t worn in the last two years. Throw out anything with a stain on it or that needs repairs that you never got round to. Send any decent rejects to the nearest charity shop. Examine the pile of clothes that’s left. Separate the short hanging clothes from the long and divide them according to colour. The extra space beneath the short hanging space can be used to stack boxes of shoes and accessories.

You may not be able to afford new wardrobes, but purpose built holders for ties, belts, jumpers and shoes are relatively inexpensive options. Once your clothes are in order, sort through and organise everything else in your room. It will look a lot tidier and you’ll feel better knowing where everything is.

With that done you can set about tidying the rest of your home, following these simple step should make the task a whole lot easier for you.

  • Only keep items you use all the time on your work surfaces.
  • Re-organise your books on a modular shelving system
  • Go for fitted stream-lined storage wherever possible. It’s more space efficient than freestanding
  • Buy a ‘home file’ to lock away all personal papers and bills.
  • Discipline yourself and those living with you. If something is taken out of a cupboard, return it when you’re finished with it.
  • Buy storage containers that are stackable.
  • Only keep things that are necessary and beautiful. Organise them and have them on display.
  • Store items you don’t use regularly in your attic or garden shed.

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