Caring for your bed


Caring for your bedThe better care you take for your bed the longer it will last and serve you well. Take the advice of the Sleep Council ( and follow these ten simple steps.

  1. Use a washable, protective cover to protect the mattress (and pillows) from stains. (Hypo-allergenic ones are also available for asthma sufferers from Dunnes Stores and other home-ware departments).
  2. In the morning throw back the covers and leave the bed to air for 20 minutes to allow body moisture to evaporate.
  3. Turn your mattress over from side to side and end to end every few months to help the upholstery fillings to settle down more evenly.
  4. Don’t make a habit of sitting on the edge of the bed and don’t let the kids bounce on it.
  5. Don’t roll up or squash a mattress to store or transport it – this can cause permanent damage.
  6. Handles are designed to help you position a mattress on its base – do not use the handles to support the full weight of the mattress – they may pull out and damage the fabric.
  7. Don’t leave polythene wrappings on a new mattress – dampness, mildew and rot could all result from a build up of condensation.
  8. Vacuum your mattress and base from time to time to remove fluff and dust. This should be carefully done so as not to dislodge fillings or damage tufts. Open windows while vacuuming.
  9. When tackling stains, use mild detergent and warm water, but be careful never to over soak the mattress or base.
  10. Don’t put a new mattress on a base for which it was not intended. A new mattress on an old base can impede comfort as well as affecting any guarantees or warranties.

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