Blazing Beauties


Blazing BeautiesTo create a cosy ambience in your home without the mess and hassle of a fireplace try a sophisticated stove. With a myriad of modern and traditional styles to choose from, there has never been a better time to kiss messy grates and draughty chimneys goodbye. House and Home, Ireland’s best loved and biggest selling interiors magazine gives you the ultimate guide to stoves.

Though a roaring fire may be a beautiful sight to behold, it can also be messy and ‘hassle-some’ when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, not to mention expensive when it comes to purchasing and installation. Stoves are a warmer, more economic and more energy efficient option.

A stove is a better option if you are purchasing it for heating needs, as it is more efficient at providing heat. While stoves and fireplaces have the same fuel inputs, they give different heat outputs. With rising fuel costs, this makes it a very attractive prospect, as a stove will provide the same heat in a shorter space of time than a fireplace. Flueless models are glass fronted, and so you do not have the large ventilation outlet that exists with a fireplace, cutting out the cold air that reduces the effectiveness of the heat generated by a fire. This glass door is also an excellent safety device eliminating the danger of sparks flying out into the room. A stove is a device used purely for heating purposes. Consequently the size of a particular model that you choose to buy will reflect the size of the room that you wish to heat. In this respect, stoves are a very versatile option, since they are available in a variety of sizes and styles that work well in modern homes and very often take up little space.

The primary consideration when deciding what type of stove to purchase is whether or not to have a flue; for those with a flue, this will dictate were the stove is to be situated. If you don’t have a flue, you may either have one installed or opt for a flueless model. If installing a flue it is vital to have access to an outside wall or roof. If an outlet is not available a flueless stove is the only option. However it is advised that you steer clear of a flueless stove if it is intended for use for more than four hours a day, due to potential dangers of insufficient ventilation.

With a vast array of styles on offer you won’t be stuck for choice when you go stove shopping. There are many modern models available in a variety of finishes that include stainless steal and soapstone. Bright, high gloss colours are available in a veritable rainbow of shades.

Another advantage of a stove over a traditional fire is that the installation process is considerably less time consuming. The cost, on the other hand could be greater, as fireplace costs normally include installation fees, while the price that you pay for your stove covers the item only. Stoves must be installed by a professional as considerable consideration must be given to ventilation and also to ensure that the installation complies with all relevant regulation.

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