Bedtime Stories


BedroomYour own personal oasis should be as indulgent, intimate and individual as possible. Wouldn’t life be just fabulous if you could spend every night in the luxury, comfort and glamour of a high-end boutique hotel? Follow our ultimate guide to hot bedroom style, and every night will be a relaxing getaway.


Before you begin…
Think through exactly what you want from your bedroom before you start to make plans and choose colour schemes. This a particularly personal space; it’s not on show for visitors, it’s not used by others in the house, it’s the one room the you truly call your own. This is the time to put yourself first; think about what you like in terms of style and comfort.

  • Do you share the room with a partner?
  • Do you use your bedroom for sleeping only?
  • How big is the space?
  • How much natural light is in the room?
  • Are you a light sleeper?
  • What do you store in your bedroom?
  • Do you like to read in bed?
  • Do you do your make-up in your bedroom?
  • How is your home heated?
  • Do you have a bad back, or any physical complaints?
  • Are you an early bird or a late owl?
  • Does the room have an en suite?


Sleepy Styles
To get a real beauty of a bedroom decide what look you’re after and plan it to a tee.

  1. The Gothic Boudoir: This room is all about making a statement. A luxurious space perfect for night owls, use black as the dominant colour with shots of glamorous metallics. Funky wallpaper and a stunning light fixture will give it oomph and ensure that the room doesn’t disappear into a sea of black. Pile your bedlinen high and have a good mix of fabrics and finishes to up the cosy factor. A large mirror always adds a much-needed sense of light.
  2. Chateau Chic: A romantic look can be all yours courtesy of a dark wooden medieval-look four poster bed piled high with acres of throws in touchy-feely fabrics such as embroidered silks, satins and cottons. Pale, neutral walls and dark wooden floorboards let your look shine. Furniture set in ornate gold, such as a stand-alone mirror, will add a fittingly regal feel. Your bed is your retreat zone, so cordon it off from the rest of the room with a lace voile panel. When it comes to bedding, the more the merrier. Layer up with satins, velvets and cottons and you’ll never go cold. Give your room an elegant but chilled out feel with a mini chaise to loll around on. Make your wooden floorboards more feet-friendly with a cosy rug- a fluffy sheepskin rug continues the theme of texture and makes getting out of bed a little less painful.
  3. Breezy does it: No more nightmares: a room drenched in white almost guarantees sweet and tranquil dreams. Pop in dashes of colour here and there to add interest, but allow the queen of the neutrals to dominate. Powdery blues and sugary pinks are in keeping with the air of innocence. This is a good look to go for when decorating on a budget – get stuck into dodgy old furniture with a tin of white paint to give it an instant facelift for next to nothing. For a dash of colour, layer a bright curtain panel over slightly heavier white window drapes. Go to bed with a clear head under a set of crisp cotton sheets.


Colour me SleepyBedroom
Though you may be trying to create a room that is very chic, don’t let your quest for style override the need for a calming space where you can relax and chill out. Don’t be too rigid about your colours; everything can have its own place as long as it is carefully co-ordinated and colours, patterns and textures are balanced out.

  • Blue is a bright and breezy choice, particularly when coupled with white. Add deeper colours here and there to give depth and warmth, using accessories such as throws, cushions and rugs. Blue and violet have been proven to lower blood pressure and promoteĀ  a peaceful frame of mind.
  • White, though calming, can look impersonal and unwelcoming if overdone, so add personality to this fresh colourscheme by hanging paintings and pictures, or with simple colour details on bedding or curtains.
  • Black can create more of an enticing space than you may expect. It gives the impression of a very intimate room, and the enclosing nature of the colour can be balanced out through use of texture- try glossy surfaces and contrasting touches of white and silver.
  • Red is a warm, vibrant, passionate shade. Since it is such a strong colour, it is best kept to an accent wall rather than being splashed all over the room.
  • Yellow is a cheerful colour- but be careful about what shade you choose. Go for a slightly muted yellow to make your room warm and sunny, and choose furniture and accessories in complementary earthy colours.
  • Purple is a very strong colour, and it is probably best left to details or feature walls. Avoid covering your walls in it, as that may be overwhelming, and instead use it as a rich complement to contrasting pale shades.
  • Brown is a crowd pleaser; it goes everywhere and with everything. If you choose high quality wooden furniture, you can be sure that you will have no problem arranging colour schemes for your walls and soft furnishings around this anchor.



Mattress Savvy

  • Your mattress has the crucial function of providing support that will keep your back, shoulders, hips and neck properly aligned- if you wake up in the morning with aches and pains then you know that you mattress is not doing its job properly.
  • Though people often believe that the harder the mattress the better it is for your back, this is not necessarily true. Choose something that you find comfortable, and take a lie down on the mattress in the store before you make any decisions.
  • A long warranty is often a good sign of a high quality mattress.
  • If you are buying a traditional sprung mattress, note that the greater the concentration of coils, the better and more durable the mattress. Pocket sprung mattresses are more sensitive to the movements of your body, since the springs are bound individually in pockets.
  • If you share your bed with a partner and you both have different needs when it comes to mattresses consider buying two different single beds that zip together to make one double bed.
  • To keep it in top shape, turn your mattress every week for the first three months, and every few months after that. This will allow air to circulate, as well as helping the filling to settle.
  • To add a little luxurious and cosy softness go for a mattress topper- try a heavily filled under layer topped with fine goose down that gives extra support.

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