Bedrooms with Personality


Go wild with sultry shades of red and purple, layer the bed with pillows and luxury linens and use candles to set the mood

  • Create a seductive boudoir by saturating the entire room in passionate reds and deep purples. For maximum effect you could paint the ceiling red as well.
  • The bed is the star attraction in this room so go for a big one with a leather headboard.
  • Create a romantic mood with lots of candles and tealights positioned on the floor and on shelves. A sexy boudoir has to smell good as well as look it so scent with room spray or burn some incense.

Transform your room into a tranquil retreat with rich, earthy colours, cosy fabrics and ambient low-level lighting

  • Stick to a palette of rich chocolaty browns and creams
  • The emphasis here is on texture, comfort and warmth so choose soft snugable linens, chunky knit throws and lambs wool cushions.
  • Set the scene with a mix of ambient low-level lighting
  • As this room is for lazing around a good headboard is a must.
  • Treat feet to a soft carpet – few things feel as luxurious as a closely woven, 100% wool carpet.

Create a light and airy scheme with painted blue walls, crisp linen and bare wooden boards underfoot

  • Blue can be a cold colour for rooms, the right shade can however, be very invigorating.
  • Don’t clutter with bulky furniture and accessories.
  • Go for bare wooden boards underfoot and give them an aged look using a phial of pomade of pot ash (available from chemists), diluted into ten litres of water, and rubbed on with a sponge. Place a rug beside the bed to warm cold toes in the morning.
  • Make the most of natural daylight with a simple light-diffusing blind. Low-voltage, halogen lights are perfect for night-time and provide a crisp, white glow

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