Bathroom Style – Traditional


The traditional Victorian bathroom celebrates an age when the bathroom was ‘the new kid on the block’. After all these years it is still a popular choice for Irish homes.

The Key Elements:The key element is the fittings, pedestal basins with traditional fluted edges and high level closet and cistern. If you don’t opt for a roll top bath choose one with timber panels in pine or mahogany to keep the look.

The Decor:Set the mood in the traditional bathroom by choosing original Victorian colours like bottle green, rich terracotta, deep burgundy. You could also try paneled walls to picture rail height painted to suit. For your floors choose terracotta tiles with a decorative inset or varnished boards. Try flowing white voile, printed chintz, velvet, or timber shutters on your windows.

The Details:An antique mirror with gilt frame is a nice touch as are period details like a porcelain pull chain for your high cistern and brass taps and accessories. You can get away with a little clutter in the Victorian bathroom so add framed prints from the period. Choose a timber loo seat in mahogany or pine to match the side of your bath. A plastic shower curtain will ruin the traditional look. Clip a curtain in your choice of fabric – velvet looks great – to the outside and add a large tieback for instant period drama. You could also consider papering one wall with old sheets of music. Photocopy and paste to the wall, staining with a weak solution of tea before finishing with a matt, water based varnish.

The Big Spend:Spend money on the right fittings, opting for a salvaged or reproduction high cistern. (But make sure your ceiling height can accommodate it). Avoid sinks with floral patterns, which may seem tempting, but will make it more difficult to update your scheme. You should also consider installing a brass or chrome shower with a large head. It will look much better than the plastic alternative. But make sure to have a pump fitted to it.

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