Bathroom Style: Contemporary


Bathroom Style: ContemporaryMake a design statement with aluminium fixtures and fittings, a wall hung sink and mix in glass and stone for a contemporary look that won’t date

The Key Elements: The key element in the contemporary bathroom is the bathroom suite. White is the colour of choice but you could introduce a stainless steel loo, a freestanding ceramic sink, or a sink in glass finished in chrome. The choice in Ireland has finally caught up with demand.

The Decor: Less is definitely more in the contemporary bathroom. White is a good base colour and can be used successfully on walls and floor. Polished floorboards and mosaic wall tiling and flooring also work well. Spend time planning your lighting scheme introducing recessed lights, spot lights avoiding the central ceiling light if possible.

The Details: Try simple glass shelving and keep your clutter to a minimum by investing in customised hidden storage. Choose aluminium accessories and fittings.

The Big Spend: Spend your money on wall hung WC with hidden cistern, wall hung, inset or bowl sink, and wall mounted taps and shower with hidden plumbing. And if you can stretch the budget consider a freestanding bath on wooden blocks.

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