10 Room Rescue Remedies


10 Room Rescue Remedies Are the rooms in your house too big, too small, too narrow or too dark?  Giving your home a chic, modern update needn’t be a big-budget production, says House and Home Editor Roisin Carabine. Take inspiration from our simple and effective deco solutions, and make the most of every room regardless of its imperfections.

  1. Add extra interest to a room with a variety of textures and materials : The key to creating an interesting room is to buy big-ticket items and have fun with the soft furnishings and accessories. A mixture of old and new, rough and smooth, or shiny and matt will keep you entertained and stimulated.
  2. Link adjoining rooms with an internal window: Give small rooms a welcome outlook into adjoining areas with an internal window. Painting both rooms the same colour and using the same materials and flooring underfoot will create a unified look and ensure the rooms work in harmony with one another.
  3. Create a stylish home office with pretty, organised storage: It’s hard to create a stylish home office when you have a great deal of paperwork to deal with. The secret though is clever, practical and pretty storage, with an emphasis on neat and tidy. One way to add colour and interest is with a handful of red, shoebox style boxes dotted about on shelves.
  4. Add height to small rooms with floor-to-ceiling cupboards: The roof doesn’t have to be the limit with vertically challenged rooms. Aim high and create a tall effect with sleek, narrow floor-to-ceiling cupboards fitted with skinny door handles to emphasise the vertical. Simple, long, low furniture will further enhance the illusion of height.
  5. Transform a redundant passageway into a sleek bathroom: Even the smallest, most awkward spaces can be put to good use. A redundant passageway can easily be transformed into a sleek bathroom just by carefully positioning all the fixtures and fittings – shower, bath, sink and loo – in a neat row along one wall.
  6. Revamp an ugly fireplace with a simple MDF cover: If your fireplace is letting your room down have a simple MDF cover made to fit over it without damaging the original. Alternatively paint both the fireplace and surrounding wall white to minimise its impact
  7. Open up a narrow space with a sleek wooden floor: Narrow rooms can be a real challenge and can all too easily make us feel as though the walls are closing in on us. Make the space appear wider by laying wooden floorboards crosswise – go for narrow planks and pale woods.
  8. Change the shape of your room with paint: Give skinny rooms a focal point by painting one shorter wall in a rich, strong colour. Bold shades of red, orange, brown and yellow have an advancing effect, which squares up the space. These colours also bring character and warmth to the room while making up for its shape.
  9. Let in the light by replacing walls with sliding doors: Removing walls will make your home much lighter – but not everyone feels comfortable living in a completely open plan space. One solution is to replace them with floor-to-ceiling sliding doors that allow you to access light without losing privacy. Alternatively, consider installing partition walls made with glass bricks or sections of frosted glass that allow light to flood through.
  10. Camouflage irregular walls with funky wallpaper: Hide imperfections in walls and make a real style statement at the same time with a cheerful wallpaper design. Be careful to avoid geometric designs, which will actually highlight the walls imperfections. If the line where the wall and ceiling meet is wobbly, choose a paper with a pale background, and use this shade for the ceiling. Designs with horizontal lines can soften sharp wall angles and visually stretch out narrow walls, giving the illusion of better proportions.

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