Self Build Bathroom

Self Build Bathroom

When starting out a self-build project, you should have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve from the outset. Get a clear picture in your mind of how the finished product will look and feel. Begin by taking it room by room. One of the most important rooms to get right is the bathroom as it is one of the most expensive to decorate and furnish and once it’s done, you are stuck with it. That is, unless you have an endless supply of cash, which most self-builders don’t. Here provides some tips on making sure that you get the bathroom right. This can also apply to anyone thinking of redoing the bathroom of their existing home.

Look carefully at the house plans and set aside a realistic budget for the bathroom. One of the biggest mistakes most self-builders make is that they don’t foresee the entire costs involved. Shop around for bathroom suites, appliances and fittings. There are some bargains to be had. If you are self-building you will have a lot of time to prepare for the interiors, so you could wait for the sales to get a really good bargain.

When building the bathroom, waterproofing is of key importance. A leaking bath or shower tray can cause havock in your house and could end up costing you considerably. Think quality! Paying out for good quality fixtures and fittings will pay dividends in the long run.

When we think of bathroom interiors, we need to think of durable materials that can withstand wear and tear and water. Always go for tiles on the floor and walls as opposed to wallpaper or paint, and make sure that the tiles are well sealed to protect the flooring and walls beneath the surface. You may decide to go for a “wet room” in which case you need to be even more cautious.

If this is your only bathroom, then try to accommodate an entire bathrooms suite – including shower, separate bath, basin and toilet. Try to position them well in the room to make the most of the available space. Positioning can be key from the outset of the build as it may be very costly in moving plumbing should you change your mind about where the bath should go. Make informed decisions about what you want from the outset. You will also need to consider the cost which can run over budget very easily when it comes to buying those extra little fixtures and fittings.

You will also need to account for towel rails and storage units for all those cleaning products and toiletries that you’d like to keep hidden. All good bathrooms will have a mirror which is usually positioned above the hand basin. It’s a good idea to buy a special bathroom mirror that will remain condensation free. Or you could go for a mirrored medicine cabinet to provide additional storage.

Remember that when you are doing a self-build, you pretty much have free reign on the size, design and layout of your bathroom, so get it right and soak in the glory of the creating the perfect bathroom.

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